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Reiki healing

Image by Mohamed Nohassi

What is Reiki healing?

Reiki healing is a Japanese energy-healing method that Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered in the late 18th century, Reiki has been practiced all over the world for over 2500 years.
The treatment works with the chakras the energy fields of the body and the treatment has a very relaxing effect on the person receiving the treatment.

In the treatment the aim is to release blockages and initiate a better flow of energy in the body and at the same time a better balance between body and soul.


The therapist uses a technique called palm healing, where universal energy flows through the therapist palm to the client, energy stones can also be used to increase the effect of the treatment.

Reiki healing is used to release stress and anxiety, release tension in the body, accelerate healing and improve general well-being.


The word Reiki is composed of the words Rei, which means divine consciousness, and Ki, which means life energy. Reiki is therefore life energy that flows through the hands of a healer to the person who receives the energy.

The treatment is carried out lying down on a massage table or in a sitting position fully clothed. During the session, the therapist lightly touches the head, hands, chest, abdomen and legs, but otherwise the therapist hands are just above the clients body. Many people go into very deep relaxation or even fall asleep during the treatment. 

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