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Jonina K. Snorradottir

Nurse, RTT Therapy Hypnotist and Reiki Healer



Lífsgæðasetrið St.jó

Suðurgata 41, 4th floor

220 Hafnarfjörður

A Bit About Me

My name is Jónína Kristín Snorradóttir, always called Nína, I am married, have three children and live in Hafnarfjörður, a suburb of Reykjavík.


In 2005 I graduated as a RN nurse and I have worked in various nursing jobs, including school nursing, it was a wonderful experience to work with children and teenagers. I have also worked in geriatric nursing, which was a demanding but extremely rewarding job, and I also worked for a short time in the endoscopy department of the general hospital in Iceland.


In 2012, I entered a Master's program in Project Management at Reykjavik University and graduated in 2014. A year later I was hired as Project manager in accident prevention at ISAR - Icelandic serch and rescue assosiation in Iceland. I worked with great passion in accident prevention because those issues touch me deeply and I loved my job. In the summer of 2018 I went on sick leave due to exhaustion due to many life events and trauma and I did not return to that job.


In my recovery process that has been quite long, I got to know RTT and was fascinated by that methodology and went to London in 2019 to experiece firsthand Marisa Peer the founder of RTT.  In December 2020 I decided to study this methology, I started in January 2021 in The Rapid Transforamtional School and graduated in March 2022.


I can truly say that I found my passion again on what I want to do in life and I know with certainty after experiencing so strongly after trying the various therapies, as I have quite a history of trauma behind me, that this methodology is amazing and really helps people to work through those traumas and the tasks of life that are entrusted to us.

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